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About Us

Vision & Mission
To be at the forefront of the industry in manufacturing innovative and robust products of exceptional value.

Unicab aims to manufacture superior quality trailers and truck bodies that are tailor-made to our customers’ specifications and to meet our customers’ needs in a personalised manner. Unicab strives to build on past experience to ensure customers are satisfied with our products and services, as well as to develop new products and procedures to ensure competitive pricing.

Unicab takes pride in the quality of its products. Customers are assured of the best quality workmanship and finish available. Unicab is a fully registered trailer manufacturer, approved by the Department of Transport and the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS). Unicab prides itself in adhering to these standards of workmanship and construction. This is why each one of Unicab’s products carries a factory backed 12 month guarantee.

Company Profile
Unicab was established in 1994 by Eric Steenberg whose primary focus at the time was the production of universal fibreglass truck cabs. This proved to be a successful venture and ‘Unicabs’ were seen fitted to trucks throughout South Africa.

Lyndon Steenberg joined Unicab in 1997 and diversified the core business of truck cabs. Lyndon branched out and spent the rest of the ‘90’s up until early 2002 manufacturing fire fighting trucks, made from modified old Samils. Lyndon subsequently decided to focus the business primarily on the manufacture of trailers and truck bodies and the business has grown steadily since then. Unicab owes its success to dedicated staff members, a growing list of loyal customers and the reliable supply of materials from suppliers. Unicab now has an experienced staff component, a trailer and truck body manufacturing facility, a paint facility and a machine shop boasting a plasma cutter, guillotines, press/bend brakes, and various other equipment.

As Unicab’s reputation for producing quality trailers has grown, so have the number of orders each month. However, our best advertisement is that we have formed close relationships with many local Zululand customers and hauliers.

In 2012, Brett Balmer joined Unicab. Brett's experience in the retail industry together with Lyndon's amazing ability to understand metalwork, has elevated the business to another level. International markets outside of South Africa were targeted and Unicab is not only proud to be associated with customers in KwaZulu-Natal and the rest of South Africa, but also international clients in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Swaziland, Namibia, Congo, Cameroon and Philippines).